Ferntree Homes has been family-owned since 1994 and is one of South Western Sydney’s most respected new home builders.

Our number one aim is to provide quality and uniquely Duplex, reflected in our motto “Your Custom Build Specialist”.

In 25 years of experience, we have built hundreds of quality homes throughout Sydney, Campbelltown and Greater Western Sydney. As Ferntree Homes are a family-owned business that prides itself on integrity, transparency and ensuring we provide excellent customer service, you can really on us and our family values to ensure we pass on the knowledge and experience to provide you with the most importantly, affordable, practical, high-quality home.

Our dedicated Southern Sydney and Campbelltown home builder team are here to help every step of the way. We take pride in each new home build, create great relationships with our clients, use quality contractors and suppliers, and understand that overall, people want a straightforward, transparent process.

For anyone building a new home, the myriad of options available can be stifling to ensure you move through the tollgate. However, that’s where Ferntree Homes can help! Each new home project comes with positives and negatives, so while a duplex doesn’t suit everybody, the price of land in Sydney has ensured that the Duplex option has several advantages for new prospective homeowners.

Building a Duplex In Campbelltown and South Western Sydney will assist you in maximising the investment of whether it’s your existing block of land or looking to discover the financial areas like dual-income, it’s a duplex that can support these. A duplex offers solutions to various places and flexibility that makes a duplex a possible solution in some instances.

Whether you become an owner-occupier or rent out both sides of the duplex, you’ll get a higher square-metre rate out of your investment, resulting in a higher yield and the maximum potential use of your large block of land.

What A Duplex Does Is Make A Big Block Of Land More Efficient

When you capitalise on your big block, you can do it via a vast single home, dual occupancy or a duplex. Building a Ferntree Homes duplex can be a great way to capitalise on a large block of land. Some older Sydney homes in established areas are often located on larger blocks as a hundred years ago, properties and space were different from what it is now. With land sand space at a premium in Sydney, a duplex is an option by simply knocking down an older existing home and utilising the whole property by building a duplex that offers two families a home each!

Ferntree Homes can work with Campbelltown Council and your development application as it must meet council standards. Ferntree Homes understands that the opportunity to build two dwellings (a duplex) can significantly improve your home investment to utilise the maximum potential of the block of land creatively. Our experience extends to ensuring the appropriate checks are made to determine if a duplex will meet Council requirements. Again the Ferntree Homes key focus is to provide our customers with the best options to capitalise on a large block.

If you are a first home buyer with limited funds or an investor homeowner, the duplex project is an appealing option as it can assist in answering the downsize equation. Here you can remain in the South Western Sydney community you currently reside and have the duplex tick off a few tricky questions. Large blocks of land can also pose a problem to maintain, though if you want to remain on the ground but just reduce the size of the partition you are responsible for, a duplex can also provide this solution. This opportunity to knock down the current home and build a duplex creates an income stream that allows you to remain where you live and be perfect for retirees or empty-nesters.

Retiring With a Low Superannuation? A Duplex Could Be The Answer!

A duplex with multiple dwellings could allow you greater control over your financial future by setting you up with an income stream from the neighbouring duplex on your single land title.

Retirees or empty-nesters have the option where they rent out both duplexes and receive two incomes, or simply live in one while the other is rented out. Air B&B is also an option. Depending on the location, the vacancy could be below. Either way, you’re able to receive an additional income stream providing greater assistance in meeting your low Superannuation balance.

Ferntree Homes cater to first-time home builders, first-time buyers, knockdown rebuilds, dual occupancy including duplexes and granny flats, or if you are upsizing your family home, we can even customise our plans to help you find your perfect home.

On request, we can showcase a stunning array of completed duplexes throughout the Sydney, Newcastle, Campbelltown, and Illawarra regions. We have sought real estate in the newest and fastest ­growing communities and have great intelligence on new development areas such as Wilton.

Head to the South West of Sydney into areas like Campbelltown, and you will discover some of the newest and fastest­ growing communities. Ferntree Homes have provided a range of new duplex designs to suit your needs and your budget. Ferntree Homes can cater to architecturally designed large family duplexes that are spacious with a flowing floor plan representing excellent value for money. Campbelltown has a community feel, surrounded by tree-­lined streets where established 4­ or 5 bedroom modern duplex homes are great for families.

Whether you’re looking at building your first duplex, need a place for your family or would like an investment property, Ferntree Homes is the new home builder suited for just about everybody. We pride ourselves on building homes that are contemporary­ by design, award­ winning and ideally suiting any lifestyle.

Get in touch with Ferntree Homes today because we’re here for all broader Sydney Metropolitan families awaiting a company to confidently and securely build their new dream home. Our number one aim is to provide you with quality and uniquely built homes, reflecting our motto, “Your Custom Build Specialist”. As a custom builder, we give you a choice to create a unique design suited to your style, budget and block of the land to improve the quality of your and your family’s life. If you’d like to know more about us and our services, we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out this contact form to start your home journey now!