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Building a new home involves a range of questions and elements that you may come as a surprise. Often there can be unexpected delays or issues that can show up from paperwork through to construction. Using this guide you can make sure you have all possibilities covered when building a new home.

1. Soil Ratings – It’s important to know the type of sand you’re building on. Soil that is sandier will need to be compensated for, as will soil that is more clay-like. The need for knowing the soil type and building to structurally compensate for these factors will save both money and disillusionment in the long run.

2. Building Covenants – It’s crucial to be aware if there may be any building covenants that apply to the area you are building in. This could include restrictions such as paint colours, materials or height.

3. ‘Small Lot’ Codes – If your lot is smaller you should be aware of any restrictions that apply. Specific safety standards must be complied for smaller lots, particularly with fire safety. Save yourself the added costs by ensuring you are meeting all the requirements.

4. Unexpected Delays – It’s always likely that delays will occur during the building process. However, to reduce these delays ensure that all the necessary materials are ordered way ahead of the time they are needed and always confirm appointments with tradesman the day prior to the building date. If feasible try to allocate some money for emergency use – this can potentially be used to address any problems should they arise. These problems could be something as small as an item breaking or needing something extra that was not factored into the equation at the start.

5. Consider Resale Value – If you plan on selling the property make sure that the total spend of the house does not exceed the estimated sale value as you obviously want to make a profit. Chat to our expert builders at Ferntree Homes about potential upgrades that can be added to your new custom home build and what features are currently popular in the market. Upgrading your home during the building process, rather than later on will in turn save you a low of money when it comes time to sell your Sydney property.

6. Consider Sustainability – In todays modern society it makes sense to build an energy efficient home. With the rise of electricity costs and the large focus on minimising our carbon footprint, adding features such as solar panels or grey water gardening systems will make sure your property is adequately energy efficient.

7. Consider Climate – Make sure you pick materials that are suitable to the climate that you are living in. For example, wooden floorboards, although extremely popular, if you live in a colder climate, insulation will need to be installed to minimise the cost of heating during winter. On the other hand, for warmer climates, tiles are a significantly cooler option.

8. Storage – It’s crucial to be realistic and practical when thinking about the amount of space you will need to have sufficient storage where required. Don’t forget to consider items that are smaller such as bedside lamps, phone chargers and laptops. If the members of your household use a lot of electrical devices, make sure you install plenty of power points!

9. Space – Ensure you are being practical with the amount of space you will need. Consider the laundry, linen closet, kitchen cupboards and fridge or the dishwasher space. The storage space should be easily accessible and not too high to reach. You should always have more space then less!

10. Insulation And Fly Screens – In Australia it’s basically an essential to have fly screens! It’s also ideal to have an idea of the type of frame and screen you want for your windows. Adding sufficient insulation will make are your home is more energy efficient and help to maintain a consistent temperature during both warm and cold months. It’s always more cost effective to add the insulation during the building process rather than afterwards, so make sure you have considered these features thoroughly.

11. Have a Plan B – When you choose items such as tiles and plumbing fittings, lights and fittings etc. it’s always a good idea to have a second choice ready in case your first chance has run out or is unavailable. This may not be a typical occurrence, however sometimes it happens so it is always good to be prepared in case it does happen.

12. Consider Upgrades – You may wonder, ‘Will upgrading to higher quality materials and features improve the value of your home?’ Often, the answer is a big yes. Talk to our expert builders at Ferntree Homes to find out what features and upgrades are available for your new custom home build. These additions are generally cheaper to add to the home during the construction process rather than afterwards, so it’s better to discuss them prior to having the house built.





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