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When you need to remodel your home, you should be prepared before you start as best as possible. Below is a list of things you can do to assist the process of renovating run more smoothly and stress-free.

Things To Consider Doing Before Starting A House Renovation:

  • Keep to your plan and organise
  • Set a budget and Track your expenses
  • Keep your receipts
  • Hire the right team
  • Follow the remodel steps
  • Stay positive
  • Stick To Your Plan & Organise

During the house renovation it’s essential to stick to a plan and remain organised. Before it begins you should set a goal for the renovation, for example, increasing the houses value or transforming it into your dream home. Staying organised is a crucial part of the renovation process, especially if you’re living in the home during the remodel.

Here are a few tips to help you keep on top of everything and stay organised:

  • Prepare for new living arrangements, whether you plan to live within the home during the renovation or if you’re staying with friends or family
  • Secure your valuable items
  • Communicate regularly with the contractors you hire
  • Have a safe place for important documents that you want to keep, like contracts, construction agreements, receipts, samples, lien document, notes and reminders and schedules and plans.


Set Your Budget

When you’re renovating your home, it can be hard to not get too excited and want to create your ultimate dream home with money you don’t have. Remember to be realistic and sensible with yourself about what you can afford and the cost of items you will need. Ensure you have some extra money reserved for any unexpected as you don’t want to exceed your spend limit and then hit a snag that requires additional funding. It’s ideal to anticipate spending an extra 20% on any surprises that may come up.

Renovation expenses can add up very quickly, so you should always write any expenses down and keep receipts. During each step of the remodelling process, ensure that you keep your “check book” balanced and are paying attention to where you are at with your budget. This is important so that you prevent potential overspending. It will also show you where any extra money spent went too.

You can add to your budget by selling any older items in your Sydney home that you will be taking out during the renovation and replacing. This could be a bathroom vanity that is still in good condition but does not suite the style of the new home. Rather than putting it in the council clean up or taking it to the tip you can sell them online and earn some extra money towards your budget.


Keep Your Receipts

Another essential thing to do when renovating and remaining within a budget is to keep your receipts. These receipts can be handy in two ways:

1. When renovating you can often end up buying items that you don’t end up using. By keeping your receipts you can then return these items for a full refund without any hassle.

2. Receipts obviously are a great way to help you keep track of where your money is going.


Hire The Right Team

If you’re adding an extension, going up a level or if your bathroom or kitchen needs an update, Ferntree Homes can help with any renovating requirements. Whether you’re looking for a modern feel or a classic design our work is of the highest standards, Ferntree Homes aims for quality in every aspect of our building and keep the client involved every step of the way.


Follow The Renovation Steps

When remodelling your house or even just one room there are steps you can follow to help remain organised and structured:

1. Demo. This means remove everything you need taken out from the house or room and then clean the space thoroughly to prepare for the following steps.

2. Repair the exterior if needed, like roof maintenance

3. Replace old plumbing

4. Replace HVAC, Electrical and Lighting

5. Add Drywall. If there are any demoed walls, you will need to get the drywall up, get it mudded and primed before painting.

6. Paint – ceilings, walls, doors, trim, baseboards and anything else that needs painting

7. Install flooring and baseboards

8. Install cabinets, vanities. Toilets, tubs, doors, shelves, etc.

9. Install countertops

10. Hang any wall features

11. Install appliances and hardware like fridges, dishwashers etc

12. Clean after everything has been installed

13. Bring in furniture and personal belongings for personal decoration


Stay Positive

Sometimes renovating is both physically and mentally draining, this is why Ferntree Homes are here to help! At Ferntree Homes we can help with all your renovating requirements. Whether your after a modern feel or a classic design our work is of the highest standards. No job is too big or too small, give us a call us for an obligation free site assessment!




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